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Our passion for swimming

When someone mentions it to you, it can almost instantly make you think about summer, hot weather and fun at the beach. It is rather easy to understand why; swimming has been recorded since the dawn of civilization as one of the most popular leisure activities – and not to mention a basic hunting and surviving skill. For the modern man, swimming is both a sport and a remarkable method to keep fit.

Why do we enjoy swimming so much?

The easiest answer to this question would be the fact that it is a great way to keep your body moving and, as science has lately shown, movement is what gives us dopamine – in other words happiness and pleasure. A pool session is great if you want to relax and exercise at the same time, and that is because this sport is primarily a cardiovascular exercise, thus it is very efficient in releasing the stress. In contrast to other aerobic activities, swimming is preferred for its accessibility as it can be practiced not only by fit youngsters, but also by elders, children – even as old as twelve months – and disabled. As a matter of fact, the youngest swimmer to ever take part in a World Championships competition was no older than ten. Apart from its leisure and openness benefits, swimming is proven to be effective in fighting back health issues such as chronic illnesses and cardiovascular problems.

Where to take a dip?

You may be thinking that as long as it is deep and clear enough, any pond will do, but things are not always like this. For a great time in water, you will have to keep in mind some common sense rules, as plunging into the waves can hold a number of risks. Always swim in certified places like swimming pools and aqua parks, or if you prefer the open waters, always choose a safe and supervised place. Trouble might take you by surprise and you never know when exhaustion or dehydration can kick in. But it is not my intention to discourage your will of taking a swim; it is exactly the opposite in fact.

That is why I always encourage people to try new things whenever they go swimming – this way, you can keep the fun alive. As such, you can always challenge yourself to learn a new swimming style like butterfly, backstroke or breaststroke. If you feel a little bit more adventurous and know a more intimate place, you can always take a break from http://www.camplace.com and go skinny dipping; the possibilities are endless!

It is an amazing connection that swimming has made between man and a very unnatural medium for him – water. It is so deeply engrained in our DNA that infants lain in water can instinctually paddle with their little limbs – it is already a formed reflex. Thus, next time when you are trying to make your mind on how to better relax, you’ll know what choice is best suited.